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Transporting Cars Across the Country with Total Car Shipping

Total Car Shipping offers professional and reliable car shipping services across the country and beyond. We’ve helped thousands of clients get vehicles to every destination in all the states on time and safely. We regularly invest in the latest resources to make our car transport services more efficient. We’ve distributed our resources across the country to ensure we can serve multiple clients simultaneously.

We ship single and multiple vehicles from all states to any destination in the country, Canada and Mexico. Our open trailers are used to transport multiple vehicles because they’re spacious while enclosed trailers are used to transport single luxurious vehicles. For the inoperable vehicles, we lift them on and off trailers using cranes.

Affordable Cross-Country Car Shipping

We offer every customer a specific agent whom they can call at any time for updates until their vehicle is safely delivered. Our car shipping services are affordable and reliable. The cost of transporting a car is determined by the number of miles traveled, size, and the number of vehicles to be shipped among other factors. Our car transport cost is all-inclusive without any hidden fees. We offer our clients free car shipping quotes and only charge clients after the shipping process has commenced. With Total Car Shipping, you can cancel your booking at any time and won’t be charged. To transport a car across the country safely and efficiently, contact us today through our toll-free number (800) 516-5569.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions about vehicle shipping.

The cost of transporting a car across the country is highly influenced by factors such as mode of transport, number of miles traveled, number of vehicles shipped, time of the year among others. However, the average cost of shipping a car for a short distance is about $570 for 300 miles.

Open-air transport is the cheapest way to transport a car because you can share space with other clients transporting vehicles in the same direction. Instead of door-to-door car transport, using terminal to terminal will save you some money. Booking your car transport during peak seasons such as summer is budget-friendly because there are many carriers available.

The answer is yes. Transporting a car with Total Car Shipping means that you can transport luggage of up to 100lbs in your trunk. In this case, our drivers are allowed to inspect the luggage for legal purposes. The drivers are allowed to reject transporting luggage in the car if it might pose a security threat.

Yes. Total Car Shipping fully insures every car we transport and makes the client a holder of the insurance cover. This is to ensure that if the car isn’t delivered in the condition we picked it in, the client can claim compensation from the insurance company without having to go through us. This makes the process easy and fast.

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