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Professional Carriers to Alaska

Total Car Shipping

Shipping a car from any state in the US to Alaska is possible with Total Car Shipping. This is a route that’s only dared by professionals with years of experience, resources and manpower. Transporting a car from the mainland to Alaska isn’t as straightforward as shipping a car from one state to the next. It requires expertise and knowhow.

With a professional like Total Car Shipping, transporting a car to and from Alaska is a breeze. We offer all year round car transport to Central and Eastern, Alaska. When cars are to be transported from Mainland to Alaska, they’re first shipped to the ports of Tacoma or Seattle. This depends on the location where the customer needs to have their vehicle shipped to.

Reliable Car Transport to Alaska

Once the vehicles are unloaded in the ports of Seattle or Tacoma, WA they’re then loaded on a barge that transports them to the port nearest the destination given by the client. For example, if the vehicles are to be shipped from Seattle to Anchorage, the barge will dock at Whittier, AK and the port workers will transfer all the containers and cars onto a rail that enters to Anchorage.

When the vehicles are in Anchorage, the clients can either pick them at the office or have them transported to their doorstep. Transporting a car to or from WA/AK takes about 10-14 days if the weather is permitting. However, your car can be shipped within 6 days at an additional fee. Transporting a car to the areas of Kodiak, Valdez and Cordova requires an additional barge.

Safe and Fully Insured Car Shipping Services to Alaska

Total Car Shipping also offers car transport to West Alaska. However, these are limited sailing because of bad weather and winter. If a client needs to transport a car to or from this area, they should call ahead of time to find out when it is possible. Shipping a car to Alaska with Total Car Shipping means that you get a specific agent in charge of your shipment until it's delivered. They process the car shipment and ensure the car is fully insured before transport.

You can transport single or multiple vehicles to Alaska easily with us. To prepare a car for transport to Alaska, it should be cleaned, have no cracks or chips in the window, no more than ¼ tank of gas, tires at the right PSI level among others. The agent in charge of your car shipment should advise you on all the things to do. Transporting cars to Alaska is fast and reliable with Total Car Shipping.

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