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Oversize and Overweight Transport Services

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Oversize and overweight transport involves anything that exceeds the standard size and weight a truck can transport. It requires a different approach as compared to other forms of transport. Extra caution and state-level permits showing the time and route allowed are required. Luckily, a licensed oversize and overweight shipping services provider like Total Car Shipping has the knowledge and ability to ship them. When it comes to oversize and overweight transport, there’s a limit to load per axle. This means a suitable number of axles have to be used to spread the weight evenly across the trailer. Some of the oversize and overweight loads include large boats, RVs, large agriculture and construction equipment, tractors among others.

The maximum weights for the National System of Interstate and Defense highways are 80,000 lbs for gross vehicle weight, 34,000 lbs for tandem axle weight, and 20,000 lbs for a single axle. Along the highways, there’s the Federal bridge weight formula which is used to determine if the commercial vehicles are following the Federal weight regulations. Failure of complying leads to severe fines. The cost of permits varies from one state to the other. For example, shipping an oversized and overweight load that doesn’t exceed 80ft long, 12ft wide and 14.6 ft tall will cost you about $150 in California and $36 in Florida. The total permit fee is achieved by adding the state permit fee and the service fee which is $15 on average. Shipping an oversize and overweight load with Total Car Shipping means that we obtain all the necessary shipping permits and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Safe and Timely Oversize Transport

Oversize and overweight load transport requires escort vehicles to help the drivers along the way. The use of escort cars varies from one state to the other. Some require the use of a front pilot car and a rear vehicle. A front pilot car leads the shipment and is used to ensure nothing is going to block the path they’re about to take, order the driver to stop for valid reasons as well as direct and stop traffic from passing the shipment. A rear pilot car follows behind the shipment and is termed as the eyes behind the trailer. It helps block traffic and indicate to the driver of the trailer when to change lanes because the oversized load doesn’t allow him to see around it. Shipping an oversize and overweight load with Total Car Shipping means it will be delivered on time and safely. We fully insure every oversize and overweight load we transport.

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