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Car Transport to Canada

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Car transport to Canada should only be offered by a licensed and professional car shipping services provider like Total Car Shipping. Unlike state-to-state car transport, transporting a car to Canada requires a carrier with years of experience. To transport a car to Canada safely and on time, you ought to know the routes to use and have the skills because of the challenging weather for example. Total Car Shipping offers reliable car transport from all states in the US to Canada.

When transporting cars to Canada, a client can opt to either use open or enclosed trailers. Open trailers are ideal when shipping multiple vehicles but can also be used by someone shipping a single car. In this case, the single-car is loaded together with other vehicles and the driver has to stop regularly dropping each vehicle at its given destination. It’s cost-effective but takes longer as compared to enclosed car transport which is used to transport luxurious, exotic, or classic vehicles that require protection.

Convenient and Reliable Car Transport to Canada

Enclosed car transport is fast because it's not shared. Once the client’s vehicle is loaded and dispatched, the driver doesn’t stop until he gets to the drop off location. Transporting a car to Canada with Total Car Shipping means that we pay for the border crossing charges. Once you book a car shipment with us, you get to go about your day-to-day business without having to worry because we do all the work for you. Total Car Shipping only uses professional drivers with knowledge of the most suitable routes to use.

The border of Canada and the United States has many border crossing points. Without the experience, it's easy to use a border crossing that’s further from the drop-off location causing delays. However, with our years of experience, we know the best border crossings to use when shipping vehicles to different parts of Canada. They lead us to highways going directly to the drop-off locations.

Fully Insured Car Transport to Canada

Total Car Shipping has dedicated specialists who process car shipments on time and ensure each car is fully insured and has all the necessary permits before it’s dispatched. Transporting cars to Canada requires modern resources because the weather can be quite challenging.

Covering the vehicles using tarps is recommended to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Transporting a car to Canada with Total Car Shipping gives you the peace of mind you deserve. You get a specific agent dedicated to your shipment whom you can call at any time for updates.

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