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6 reasons to ship your car using Total Car Shipping

Experienced Agents

Our business leading customer service is standing by with the competitive skills and knowledge to get your vehicle moved. Call our experienced, customer driven, productive and effective reps at (800) 516-5569

Reliable and on time every time

TCS is on time every time! We only work with the most experienced auto transportation providers, drivers and carriers. Leaving no room for avoidable error.

5/5 Star Reputation

TCS opened in 2006 and maintained an outstanding 5/5 star service. Our high reputation not only provides you the assurance that you are in good hands, it also tells you that our reputation with carriers/drivers is the same, creating the ability to hire trusted and preferred drivers at a lower cost to you.

Preferred Carriers

We do not dispatch to unworthy drivers and carriers - when you work with TCS, you work with established businesses you and we can rely on. We hire preferred experienced carriers to avoid any simple and avoidable errors involved with inexperienced drivers. - Leave no room for error.

Single Agent Reporting

Unlike other companies, for better performance and reliability, you are handled by one agent and one agent only (unless you want to speak to the boss man!) - You do not get handed through a string of departments to get what you need. None of that he said, she said #$@&%*! with TCS!

Free reservations - No "Deposit".

TCS has access to thousands of large as well as independent operators nationwide. We have relationships so well, it saves you money using us to hire them. Reservations are free and our company fee is only taken when you are loaded and on your way to your destination! Balance paid to the carrier upon arrival to assure the vehicle arrived in the same condition as it left in!

Our Premier Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

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