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Transporting a car in Kansas with Total Car Shipping makes the whole experience easy. We’re committed to ensuring each car gets to the final destination intact and on time. We’ve invested in all the necessary resources and spread them across the state to help us serve our clients fast and efficiently. We have a team of dedicated specialists who are available at any time of the day to help clients with the booking process. Once you book transporting a car with us, they’re quick to process the shipment and advise you on how to prepare your car for transport. Total Car Shipping ensures every car we transport is accompanied by the right paperwork and fully insured.

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We have a variety of trailers to help us transport all sizes, types, and numbers of vehicles. Our open trailers are used to transport multiple vehicles while our enclosed trailers are used in transporting single luxurious, classic, and exotic vehicles for more protection. When our drivers go to pick up vehicles, they start by inspecting them thoroughly with the owners present and fill in a BOL form that's used to check if a car has been delivered in the condition it was picked in. Once the client signs the form, they proceed to load the car and secure it tightly for transport. Our drivers are professionals and know the best routes to use when transporting cars to or from Kansas. They follow the shortest and most suitable routes. Along the way, they ensure to stop regularly to tightly secure the vehicles as the straps easily become loose due to so much movement.

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Once a car is delivered, they don’t leave without again inspecting it with the owner present to check whether it's been delivered in the condition it was picked in. This is done in reference to the BOL form. After they compare the condition of the vehicle and the information filled earlier and all is well, they get to leave. Total Car Shipping offers affordable car transport in Kansas. Our shipping quotes are free and very accurate. Our Kansas car shipping cost is all-inclusive and you don’t have to pay until your car is picked for transport. We’re punctual and ensure every car is picked and delivered within the agreed time. For reliable car shipping services in Kansas, call us today via our toll-free number (800) 516-5569.

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Kansas is one of the most agricultural states. It produces wheat, sorghum, corn among others. The state is neighbored by Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska. The economy of Kansas depends on agriculture, energy, processing, machinery, publishing among others. Some of the best tourist attraction sites include Sedgwick County Zoo, Exploration Place, Wichita Art Museum, Fort Larned National Historic Site, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve among others. Some of the universities in the state include Kansas State University, University of Kansas, Wichita State University, Washburn University among others. Wichita is its largest city while Topeka is its capital.

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Answers to our most commonly asked questions about vehicle shipping.

Booking your car transport with a licensed and fully insured car transport company is the easiest way to transport a car to Kansas. It's reliable, timely and safe.

The cost of transporting a car to Kansas varies from one shipment to another. To know how much it will cost you, contact one of our specialists today and get a free and accurate quote.

The time taken to ship a car to Kansas depends on the distance, mode of transport, season among other factors. Enclosed transport and expedited services take faster. Peak season and open air transport can take longer.

Yes. Your car is fully insured and Total Car Shipping makes you a holder of the insurance cover. This means that in case your car isn’t delivered safely, you can claim full compensation directly from the insurance company. It's stress free and fast.

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