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Drive Away Shipping Services

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Driveaway services means a car is picked by a professional driver and physically driven to the location given by the client. Driveaway services can only be trusted to a shipper with professional and experienced drivers like Total Car Shipping. This is to ensure your car gets to the delivery point safely and on time. Driveaway services have many advantages. Unlike the traditional auto transport where a trailer may be too large to access a certain pick up or drop off location, driveaway services are door to door.

No matter the location, your car will be picked at the right time and delivered right where you want. Driveaway services are faster because it doesn't involve loading and unloading. As soon as the driver picks the car and sets off, he will stop at the delivery point unlike transporting on a trailer where he may have to stop to deliver other vehicles.

Safe and Timely Drive Away Services

Driveaway services allow you to transport personal items and even pets. When booking your driveaway shipment, you should discuss with the service provider what’s allowed to avoid any confusion. Drivers are allowed to inspect the items in the trunk for legal reasons. Documenting how the car looks before it leaves the pick up location is important so that when it’s delivered, you can check to see if it was safely delivered. Total Car Shipping ensures the driver fills a BOL form with all the necessary details before leaving.

Once the vehicle is delivered, it’s inspected in reference to this form checking if everything is in the condition it was picked in. All our driveaway services are fully insured so that in case the vehicle isn’t delivered safely, the clients can be fully compensated. Clients are made holders of the insurance cover so that they can claim compensation directly from the company without having to go through us.

Fully Insured Drive Away Services

Drivers used by Total Car Shipping know the shortest and most convenient routes to use from where the car is picked to the delivery point. With professional drivers located in every state, your car is picked up as soon as you book with us. You don’t have to wait for a driver to travel across the country. Once the car is delivered, the drivers don’t leave without inspecting it first with the owner present. Each part of the car is compared to the information filled in the BOL form during pick up. If the car isn’t in the condition it was picked in, the client is fully compensated. Using a professional like Total Car Shipping for driveaway services will give you the best experience. Your car will not only be delivered on time but also safely.

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