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Auto Transport Services

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If you own a car or plan on buying one, you will need auto transport services to ensure it gets to you. Auto transport means shipping a car from one location to the next. These services are needed by individuals, companies,dealerships among others. The first time using auto transport services can be confusing and stressful. However, hiring a professional auto transport company like Total Car Shipping gives you the peace of mind you deserve. We do all the work so that our clients can go about their day to day business stress free. Auto transport involves shipping of single and multiple vehicles.

Single luxurious vehicles are transported using enclosed trailers for more protection while multiple vehicles are shipped using open trailers because they’re spacious. If you’re shipping a single car, you can still opt for open transport and your car will be loaded on a trailer together with other vehicles moving towards the same direction. This option means that your car might take a little longer before getting to the delivery point because the driver has to regularly stop along the way to deliver other vehicles.

Fully Insured Auto Transport Services

A good auto transport company like Total Car Shipping will offer you free car shipping quotes and start working on your shipment as soon as you book. Auto transport saves your vehicle's mileage and time because you don’t have to drive your car over long distances. With Total Car Shipping, you get a specific agent dedicated to your car shipment until your car is safely delivered. This makes communication easier because you can contact him/her at any time for updates.

They ensure your car is fully insured before transport and all the right paperwork is processed. Each client is made a holder of the insurance cover so that if they need compensation, they can directly go to the insurance company where they will get fully compensated. Total Car Shipping specialists advise clients on how to prepare their vehicles for transporting to make the process easier and fast.

Fast and Timely Auto Transport Services

On the pick up date, drivers fully inspect vehicles together with the owners and fill in a BOL form. This is important because it’s used to determine whether the vehicles have been delivered in the condition they were picked in. During the loading process, the specialist in charge of the shipment is present to ensure the vehicles are handled with care and well secured before being dispatched.

At the drop off location, drivers are careful when unloading vehicles and don’t leave without inspecting them together with owners to ensure they’ve been safely delivered. This is done in comparison to the BOL form filled earlier. Getting a reliable auto transport services provider like Total Car Shipping guarantees safe and timely arrival of your car.

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