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Freight transport is the physical transport of goods or merchandise. It requires efficiency and punctuality. Hiring a professional with resources like Total Car Shipping is the first step of ensuring your freight is delivered safely and on time. Different types of freight require different modes of transport. Therefore, before hiring a freight transport company, it's important to confirm that they offer the type of transport your freight needs. If you’re not sure about the type of transport your freight requires, consult first and the service provider will recommend the most suitable one. Below are some of the most common types of freight transport:

Available Shipping Methods

  • Refrigerated Trailers: Also known as reefer units, they’re used to transport food and perishable goods that are temperature sensitive over long distances.
  • Dry Van Trailers: These are fully enclosed semi-trailers used to transport goods that need protection from outside elements.
  • Flatbed Trailers: These types of trailers are used to ship large machinery and any other freight that can’t be shipped using normal semi trucks.
  • Multi Axle Trailers: These are used to transport oversized freight such as multiple vehicles and heavy duty machinery. They have more axles for weight distribution.
  • Power Only Service: This is a form of transport where a client already has a trailer and no way to move it. In this case, a truck and driver are provided to help transport the goods.
  • Conestoga Trailers: These are similar to flatbed trailers but with a rolling-tarp-on frame system for an additional protection of goods.
  • Pneumatic Trailers: These are used to transport dry bulk raw goods. They’re trailers with basically a metal cylinder that has cone shaped hoppers with openings at the top used for loading dry bulk.
  • Low-Boy Trailers: These are used to transport oversized freight that exceed standard measurements.
  • Tankers: These are used to transport liquids such as petrol, gas and non-traditional cargo in large volumes.

  • Reliable Freight Transport Services

    Total Car Shipping has a variety of trailers used to transport different types of freight. Every shipment is fully insured and delivered on time and safely. Booking your freight transport with Total Car Shipping means that you get a specific agent dedicated to your shipment until it’s delivered. They process all the necessary paperwork, acquire permits when needed and ensure each shipment is dispatched at the right time. When the clients are unsure of the mode of transport to use, they recommend the most suitable one. Total Car Shipping is the professional you need for efficient freight transport.

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