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Enclosed Car Transport

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Enclosed car transport is the shipping of cars using enclosed trailers. As the name suggests, an enclosed trailer is fully covered to protect the cars from any external elements. This mode of transport is mainly used when transporting exotic, luxurious and classic vehicles. Enclosed car transport is expensive unlike open air transport that’s used in shipping multiple vehicles without any protection.

It’s mainly used to transport single vehicles but can also be used to transport upto 7 vehicles at the same time. If you choose to have your car shipped using enclosed transport mode, hiring a professional like Total Car Shipping company will give the best experience. This is because we have more than enough experience and resources to handle your car. Transporting exotic or luxury vehicles needs to be done by a professional who can fully compensate you if anything goes wrong.

Fully Insured Enclosed Car Transport

Total Car Shipping fully insures each car and makes the client a holder of the insurance cover. This is to mean if their vehicle isn’t delivered safely, they can ask for compensation directly from the insurance company without having to go through us.Enclosed transport mode is mainly used by people who consider their vehicles to be an investment, for protection against cold weather, dust, dirt, debris, theft as well as if the car is old or custom.

At Total Car Shipping, each client gets a specialist who’s fully incharge of their shipment. They process the paperwork and ensure the car is picked at the right time. This makes communication easy and fast. The agents oversee the loading process and ensure each car is handled with care and well secured before it’s dispatched.

Safe and Timely Enclosed Car Transport

Prior to loading of vehicles in the trailer, they should be fully inspected in the presence of the owner and all the details are filled in a BOL form. This is used to help confirm if the car has been delivered in the condition it’s been picked in. When the vehicles are dispatched, a professional carrier should make regular stops on the way to check if the vehicles are safe.

The straps used in holding the vehicles easily become loose due to too much movement which could lead to a fatal accident if not tightened. Enclosed car transport is usually 30 to 40 percent more as compared to open car transport. This is because it offers maximum protection and the vehicles shipped using this method require a high insurance cover. Once at the drop off point, the drivers should carefully unload them to ensure they’ve been safely delivered.

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