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Hauling a Boat

Total Car Shipping

A boat is an investment that should only be handled by professionals. Hauling a boat can easily become disastrous if not done by an experienced company. With Total Car Shipping, your boat is handled with the professionalism of an industry leader. Hauling a boat can be done using its own trailer, overland, driving it to its destination as well as on a yacht.

Hauling a boat on its trailer means that it’s pulled to its destination using a toter truck or any other car with sufficient capacity. This method is mainly used to transport small boats. It’s cost-efficient because all that’s required is power-only services. The trailer the boat is on must be road-worthy for this method to be used. This method can also be used by clients who don’t own a trailer by simply hiring one. Total Car Shipping offers boats on a trailer transport at an extra fee if we provide the trailer.

Preparing a Boat For Transport

When it comes to hauling a boat on road, it simply means that a boat is loaded on a trailer with enough capacity to transport it by road across the country. This mode of transport is more expensive compared to towing. It requires a lot of resources and manpower. For a boat to be hauled by land, it must not exceed 13’6’’ in height, no wider than 8.6’’ and must be picked and dropped off in points where overhead clearance of loading and unloading is 14.0’’ and above.

When a boat is wider than 8.6’’, it can’t be hauled through interstate roads and if it exceeds 12’’ in width, escort vehicles have to be used. In case the boat is taller than required, parts such as masts, towers and bridges are removed to make it easy to transport. A professional like Total Car Shipping offers each client a specific agent who processes every required paperwork and fully insures the boat before transport.

Fully Insured Boat Transport

The loading process is keenly inspected to ensure the boats are carefully loaded on trailers before transport and well secured. With years of experience in hauling boats, Total Car Shipping ensures every boat is delivered to the destination given on time and safely. For boats that are small and expensive, an enclosed mode of transport is recommended for protection from any external damages. Total Car Shipping agents advise clients on how to prepare their boats for transport. For example, emptying fuel and water tanks to make the boat lighter for transport. Total Car Shipping is the professional you require when you need to haul a boat.

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