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Open auto transport is the shipping of vehicles through open-air transport. Unlike enclosed auto transport that’s covered, open auto transport means the vehicles aren’t covered at all. This method is suitable for shipping multiple vehicles by business and dealerships because several vehicles can be transported in a single trip. With that said, open auto transport can also be used by a client shipping a single car. This means that his/her vehicle will be loaded on an open trailer together with other vehicles belonging to other clients.

This option is cost-effective as opposed to enclosed auto transport where the whole trailer is fully dedicated to your car transport. However, it can be a little slow because the driver has to stop multiple times along the way while dropping off other people’s vehicles. Total Car Shipping is the best open auto transport company. We have open trailers spread across the country to serve as many clients as possible all at the same time.

Timely and Safe Open Auto Transport

If you choose to use open-air transport, it’s important to book early so that your car can be loaded at the right time. For example, if your car is to be delivered last, it needs to be the first to be loaded. Booking early also gives you the option of choosing where you would like to have your car placed. In open auto transport, the vehicles loaded at the bottom are exposed to dirt and dust because the vehicles aren’t protected.

Therefore, booking early means you can request to have your car loaded at the top. Before your car is loaded on the open trailer, a professional like Total Car Shipping ensures that a BOL form is filled first. This means that your vehicle is fully inspected and all the important details are filled on the form. This is to help confirm if your vehicle has been delivered in the condition it was picked in.

A professional like Total Car Shipping only uses professional drivers with years of experience. A good open auto transport company should know the most suitable routes to use from the pick up to drop off location. The drivers are skilled in loading and unloading of vehicles to ensure they’re delivered in the condition they were picked in. At Total Car Shipping, each car is fully inspected in reference to the BOL form filled during the pick up. This is to ensure each client is content and satisfied that their vehicle has been safely delivered.

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