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Open Vs Enclosed Car Transport


When it comes to transporting vehicles from one location to the other, there’s two common modes of transport. These are open air and enclosed. The mode of transport to be used is dependent on size, number and type of cars being shipped. Open air transport means that the vehicles are fully exposed. It’s mainly used to transport multiple vehicles. Enclosed transport is mainly used to transport luxurious, classic or exotic vehicles that need protection from external damages. Below we will discuss pros and cons of each mode of transport

Open Air Transport

As previously mentioned, it’s used in transporting multiple vehicles. Below are the pros.

1. Affordable

They ensure your car is fully insured before transport and all the right paperwork is processed. Each client is made a holder of the insurance cover so that if they need compensation, they can directly go to the insurance company where they will get fully compensated. Total Car Shipping specialists advise clients on how to prepare their vehicles for transporting to make the process easier and fast.

2. Spacious

When transporting a high number of vehicles, open air transport is ideal because you can fit several vehicles without a problem. To save on the cost, you can also transport a single car together with other people’s vehicles if there’s some space left.

Enclosed Trailer Transport

This mode of transport can be used to transport up to 7 vehicles in a single trip. Below are the pros.

1. Safety

This mode of transport guarantees protection of vehicles because they’re fully covered from any external damages. The client doesn’t have to worry about any potential dents. This explains why it’s slightly more expensive than open air transport where vehicles are exposed.

2. Timely

Unlike open air transport where the driver might need to stop regularly to drop off vehicles along the way, once an enclosed trailer is dispatched, it doesn’t stop until the vehicles are delivered to the destination given. This makes it fast and timely.

Which Mode of Transport is Suitable for your Car Transport? Open or Enclosed?

Total Car Shipping agents advise the clients on the most suitable mode of transport based on the type, size and number of vehicles to be shipped. If the vehicles to be shipped are rare and exotic for example, enclosed trailers are recommended for maximum protection. If a client wants a budget friendly mode of transport, open air transport is recommended. Regardless of the mode of transport used, we always ensure that each car is delivered on time and in the very condition we picked it in.