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Open Trailer Vs. Enclosed Trailer Hauling - Auto Transport

At Total Car Shipping, security is our main concern when we transport valuable vehicles from one place to another. These considerations do, however depend some on the method of shipping and equipment being utilized for the job. Here is a guide to the pros and cons of enclosed shipping versus open car carrier transport.

Open Trailer Shipping

Open car carriers are typically multi-tiered trailers that hold multiple cars easily, but don't offer the protection granted by covered trucks.

Advantages to Open Trailer Car Hauling

  • Decreased Cost: Most transport companies offer open shipping methods at around half the cost that it would take to use an enclosed service.
  • Potential for Increased Quantity: Many open car carriers can hold a higher volume of vehicles, which is advantageous for dealers and clients looking to move a large amount at once.
  • Open Car Shipping is Very Common: While the risk is there, many customers across the U.S. trust shipping companies to use open transport with their vehicles.

Enclosed Car Transportation

In enclosed shipping, your vehicle is secured within a protective barrier, preventing damage from the elements during transport.

Advantages of Enclosed Vehicle Transport

  • Security: While open car shipping is usually safe, and always insured, enclosed transport leaves no doubt as to how much protection is being given to your vehicle(s).
  • Experience: Most car transport companies that use enclosed shipping methods do so as a specialized service, so despite the extra cost, you're getting peace of mind that the technicians you hire will treat your car like their own.

How to Choose Between Open and and Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

At Total Car Shipping, we can advise you on which option to use for your specific auto shipping needs, but the final decisions are up to you. If the vehicle(s) in question are especially rare or valuable, you may want to opt for enclosed shipping due to their difficulty to be replaced.

If you don't have the money, don't worry. The open car shippers that Total Car Shipping works with are experts in their trade, and will take the care that you deserve with your vehicle. Millions of shipments each day are carried out under open carrier conditions, without issue.