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First Time Shipping Your Car?

Total Car Shipping strives to make the auto transport business as accessible as possible, especially for first time clients. When you fill out a quote form, input all the information about your shipping task as accurately as possible for best results.

Once we have your information, we'll start matching you with applicable transport contractors. These shippers are thoroughly vetted by the specialists at Total Car Shipping, and verified to be the leaders in their transport fields. At this point, do as much research on the individual companies as you need for comfort; you can never be too careful when it comes to your most valuable possessions.

You can browse potential shipping matches for a company that works for you based on cost; keep in mind, though, that many factors can influence cost, such as weather, gas prices, equipment used and type of transport. Our expert customer service team can walk you through the basics and provide all the necessary information to help you make the decision that is right for your vehicle and your budget.

If you have never completed the process of scheduling a shipment before, don't hesitate to lean on our representatives every step of the way. At Total Car Shipping, our team is eager to help you complete your order to your utmost satisfaction, from the initial paperwork to the final delivery.

If you must leave personal belongings in the vehicle, please keep in mind that shipping companies will not accept responsibility for lost or damaged items, so they should kept in the trunk for safety.