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First Time Shipping a Car?

Every journey starts with a single step and transporting a car is no different. If it’s your first time, you’re at the right place. This is because Total Car Shipping has made the process as easy and direct to the point as it possibly can be. To get a free and accurate car shipping quote, you will start by filling in all the information requested. Make sure it’s as accurate as possible. Our car shipping quotes are influenced by factors such as number and type of vehicles being shipped, number of miles to be travelled, weather conditions among other factors. Regardless of these factors, we always ensure that our car shipping cost is as budget friendly as it possibly can be.

When we receive your information, we match you with a carrier near you. With Total Car Shipping, you can always speak to one of our agents at any time of the day if you have any further questions. We offer each client a specific agent for easy communication. Our agents advise you on the most suitable mode of transport if you’re not sure as well as ensure your car is dispatched on the right date. Total Car Shipping ensures each car is fully insured before transport and accompanied by the right paperwork. We allow clients to transport up to 100 lbs of personal belongings in the trunk. Our drivers are allowed to inspect the luggage for legal purposes.