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Express Car Transport Services

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Trusting a carrier to deliver a car when you’re dealing with a time crunch can be stressful. However, choosing a professional with resources like Total Car Shipping will give you the best experience. With resources across every state in the country and manpower nothing can go wrong. Your car will be picked with no time and delivered to a destination of choice safely and on time.

Express or expedited car transport means that your car is picked up within 48 hours of you booking the shipment. This is done at an extra fee because the carrier has to make your shipment a priority for pickup and may be forced to reschedule some pickups. Expedited car transport is mainly done using enclosed trailers so that once the car is loaded, the driver doesn’t have to stop along the way delivering other vehicles.

Safe and Timely Express Car Shipping

However, if your funds are limited and you’re only shipping a single car, you can opt for open transport and request the carrier to urgently make room for you. In this case, you will have to ask the carrier to approximate how long it would take to have your car delivered given that the driver has to stop along the way delivering other vehicles. Open air expedited car transport isn’t always slow.

For businesses and dealerships in need of multiple vehicles to be shipped in a single trip, open transport is ideal and fast because the driver won’t have to stop in between. During expedited car transport, we allow one to ship personal belongings of a maximum of100 lbs at the trunk at no additional cost. The driver has the right to check what’s in the trunk.

Preparing For Express Shipping

As soon as the shipment is booked, Total Car Shipping agents start working on all the necessary paperwork and acquire full insurance cover for the transport. Even when in a rush, each car must be fully insured and have the client registered as the holder of the insurance cover. This is to ensure in case of an accident, the owner can directly go to the insurance company for compensation.

Preparing a car for transport makes the process faster. Some of the things to do include cleaning the car and emptying the tank up to ¼. This will make the driver’s work easier while inspecting the car and filling in the BOL form for example. The agent assigned to your car shipment should tell you how to prepare your car. With Total Car Shipping, your car will be delivered on time and safely regardless of the distance.

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