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How to Prepare a Car for Transport


Booking a car transport is not all you need to do for your shipment to be successful. Getting your car ready for transport should proceed. The agent who takes your car shipping request will advise you on how to do it in order to make the car pick up process easy. Below are some of the things to do to get your car ready for transport

1. Empty the tank

When a car is being shipped on a trailer the gas tank should be no more than ¼ full.it should only have enough fuel to get it on and off the trailer. A lot of gas is unnecessary and only adds weight to the car which could result in a higher shipping cost.

2. Remove Personal Belongings

Before your car is picked up for transport, it’s important to inspect its inside and remove any personal items. This is because if they get lost or damaged, you can’t be compensated because insurance doesn’t cover them. If there’s personal items that you would like to leave in the car, they should be put in the trunk if the carrier allows. Most car shipping companies allow you to transport personal items of a maximum of 100 lbs. Drivers are allowed to inspect the items for legal reasons

3. Car Maintenance

You should take your car for a mechanical check before the pick up date. Some of the things to be checked include any possible leaks and mechanical issues. The tires should be at the right PSI level meaning that they’re neither over inflated or under-inflated. The car battery should be fully charged so that it doesn’t run out complicating the loading or unloading process. Ensure the vehicle’s emergency brake is working and all the necessary fluids are topped off. A window with cracks should be repaired because vigorous movement may make the entire window shatter.

4. Clean the Car

Washing your car before transport is important because it allows you to see any existing scratches, dents, discoloration, and damages. Before a car is loaded on a trailer, the driver has to inspect it with the owner present and fill in a BOL form which is used at the drop off point to confirm if the vehicle has been delivered in the condition it was picked in. If your car isn’t well cleaned, you might miss a new scratch or damage when the car has been delivered and can’t claim for compensation. Even better, taking clear photos of your clean car will help you compare how it looked before it was picked up for transport and after it's been delivered.

5. Remove Outside Accessories

Car transport can be rough due to too much movement which could lead to damaging of the external accessories. Therefore, removing or tightly securing items such as custom spoilers, ski and bike racks, rooftop luggage racks and boxes, and retractable antennas is important. Make a point of leaving behind items such as spare tire, emergency kit and jack just in case something goes wrong.