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Transporting a car to or from isn’t easy at all. It’s complicated and requires it to be done at the right time. Therefore, it needs to be done by a professional who has used the route for years and has resources to facilitate the transportation of many vehicles at a single time. Finding a car shipping company like Total Car Shipping guarantees the safe and timely arrival of your car to or from Alaska. We’ve made thousands of clients happy over the years by ensuring their vehicles are delivered safely and within the time frame given despite facing different challenges along the way. Transporting cars to or from Alaska is mainly challenging due to the unstable weather.

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How to Transport a Car to Alaska

When you want to book transporting a car to or from Alaska with Total Car Shipping, our agents are quick to confirm the next available shipping date as well as advise you on how to prepare your car for transport. When transporting cars to Alaska, they’re first shipped to Seattle where they’re unloaded and loaded in a vessel that safely transports them to the nearest port in Alaska. Here, they’re carefully unloaded once again and loaded on a trailer that transports them to the client’s destination of choice. Some clients opt to pick their vehicles at the port. We offer single and multiple car transports to Alaska. Our drivers are skilled and carefully handle each vehicle with care when loading and unloading them. They’re familiar with the most suitable routes to use when picking a car in Alaska or delivering.

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Alaska Vehicle Transport

Our drivers are familiar with the shortest routes leading to different cities in Alabama. This makes the picking and delivery of vehicles fast and efficient. We professionally transport vehicles to every destination in Alabama and from the state to every destination in the country, Canada and Mexico. At the drop-off location, our drivers offload the vehicles with care avoiding any bruising and possible accident.

They also inspect the vehicles with the owners present to confirm they’ve been safely delivered. This is done in reference to the BOL form filled during the pickup. We regularly communicate with the clients, updating them every step of the way. Total Car Shipping is the best company to use when shipping a car to or from Alabama. To transport a car to or from Alabama fast and efficiently, contact us today via our toll-free number.

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Shipping a Car to or from Alaska

Alaska is the largest city in the country by surface area. It's a beautiful state and some of the main tourist attraction sites include Denali, Hubbard Glacier, Denali National Park Preserve, Kenai Fjords National Park among others. The capital city of Alaska is Juneau and some of the main education institutions include University of Alaska Anchorage, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Southeast among others. Alaska is mainly served by the port of Anchorage which helps them ship goods from the mainland. Some of the products produced in Alaska include seafood, natural gas and oil.

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Answers to our most commonly asked questions about vehicle shipping.

Transporting a car to Alaska is convenient, easy and fast with a professional like us. It saves you money and stress. Your car doesn’t experience the obvious wear and tear from driving over long distances.

The cost of transporting a car to Alaska is highly influenced by factors such as the distance, mode of transport and season. Peak season is more expensive and the longer the number of miles travelled, the more you pay.

Time taken to transport a car to Alaska depends on season and distance among other factors. If the weather condition is harsh, it will take longer because the vessels transporting can’t cross the sea.

Yes. Your car is fully insured and Total Car Shipping makes you a holder of the insurance cover. This means that in case your car isn’t delivered safely, you can claim full compensation directly from the insurance company. It's stress free and fast.

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