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Total Car Shipping inc ® - About Us

Welcome to Total Car Shipping INC (TCS). In 2006, TCS began as a small company serving only the local area of Hollywood, FL. Since then, we have expanded not only throughout the state of Florida, but across the entire United States--including Alaska and Hawaii. Most recently, we’ve expanded our services to Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands as well. At Total Car Shipping INC, we continue to grow because we take pride in our work. Our client’s needs come first, which means we look for the best vehicle shipping prices to fit your needs. To speak with a TCS agent, call now! (800) 516-5569

Get To Know TCS and Our Vehicle Shipping Standards

TCS was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating quality and reliable transport in the Hollywood, Florida area. We wanted client’s to be assured that when they shipped their vehicle, it would be done with the best service, top safety standards, and no hidden fees. For fifteen years we have held to those standards, and expanded our company far beyond anything we ever dreamed.
The Total Car Shipping INC® mission is to provide quality service to everyone, whether it’s an individual or a top tier corporation. Everyone receives the same five-star treatment for their transport. Shipping vehicles is more than just getting the car from point A to point B. It’s also about making sure the client is confident that their vehicle will arrive safely.
TCS is licensed, bonded, and insured for all vehicle transport across the United States. Our experienced logistics agents are well versed in safety standard regulations, and make sure each one is adhered to. At TCS we want to make sure both the vehicle and the team make it to the destination safely.
At Total Car Shipping INC® each client receives a dedicated vehicle shipping agent. From the first call, to the final drop off, your agent is there to answer any questions you may have about transport. Our logistics agents are well trained, experienced, and ready to find the best vehicle transport solution for you.
Vehicle shipping doesn’t just take place from nine-to-five. Our agents are here around the clock and ready to ship any vehicle, any time. TCS is dedicated to providing you with the transport you need, when you need it. Give us a call today and let’s get started! (800) 516-5569