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Total Car Shipping is one of the best car shipping services providers in anchorage. We have been transporting cars in Anchorage for more than a decade now. This has given us more than experience to ensure that every car we transport gets to the destination given on time and safely. We’ve invested in enough resources and distributed them across Anchorage to help us serve different clients simultaneously. We have open trailers that are used for transporting multiple vehicles per trip and enclosed trailers that are used for transporting luxurious and exotic cars because they protect them from external damage. We also transport the inoperable vehicles. Shipping a car in Anchorage with us means that it's protected from wear and tear as well as accidents that can be caused by driving for long distances. We offer door-to-door and terminal to terminal car shipping services in Anchorage.

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All-Inclusive Anchorage Car Transport

Open and Closed Trailer Anchorage Car Shipping

Total Car Shipping offers affordable car shipping services in Anchorage. The cost of transporting a car in Anchorage is all-inclusive without any hidden fees. We offer each client a free and accurate Anchorage car shipping estimate. For the clients who need their vehicles urgently shipped, we offer them expedited car shipping services at an added fee. The cost of shipping a car in Anchorage varies from one shipment to the other. This is because it's influenced by factors such as mode of transport, route, season, distance traveled among others. We fully insure every car we transport in Anchorage and make the owners holders of the insurance cover. This is to ensure that in case the car isn’t delivered in the condition it was picked in, the clients can claim full compensation directly from the insurance company. We allocate a specific agent to each shipment whom clients can call at any time for updates. They ensure the car is dispatched at the right time.

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Top-Quality Anchorage Car Shipping

Anchorage Vehicle Transport Services

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. Total Car Shipping offers reliable car shipping services across every location in Anchorage. Our drivers are professionals who are familiar with the fastest and most suitable routes to use. Some of the major highways used by our drivers in Anchorage include AK-1 and AK-3. At the pick-up location, our drivers carefully load the vehicles and secure them for transport. Along the way, they make regular stops to adjust the straps securing the vehicles because they easily come off due to too much movement. When they get to the delivery location, they carefully unload the vehicles and inspect them with the owner present to check whether they’ve been safely delivered. This is done in reference to the BOL form filled earlier. To transport a car to or from Anchorage, call us today at (800) 516-5569.

(800) 516 - 5569

Everything You Need To Know About Anchorage City, Alaska

Transporting Cars to Anchorage with Ease

Anchorage city is termed as the most tax friendly city in the United States. Transportation, resource extraction and tourism are some of the city’s largest economic sectors. Anchorage's economic sector mainly relies on its surrounding natural resources and geographical location. It was initially run by agriculture but it declined in the 21st century. Anchorage is served by Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (TSAIA) which is the world’s 4th busiest airport when it comes to cargo traffic. The Port of Anchorage handles 95% of the goods coming to Alaska from the port of Tacoma, Washington. It also stores jet fuel. Some of the tourist attractions in Anchorage include Far North Bicentennial Park, Chugach State Park, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge among others. Some of the major education institutions include Alaska Pacific University and University of Alaska.

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