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Total Car Shipping - Freight Transport Services

Total Car Shipping prides ourselves on the ability to assist our client in a way that is both dependable and versatile. Despite what our name might suggests, we don't simply deal in moving cars and other vehicles, but freight of most types as well.

Available Shipping Methods

Our expert service team has the knowledge and the experience to recommend the best freight shipping method for any job, and guide customers to our trusted partners that specialize with a particular method or piece of equipment.

  • Dry Van: Our standard trailers are enclosed boxes, capable of transporting large amounts of varied types of freight.
  • Refrigerated Trailer: Referred to as 'reefer' units, these refrigerated dry vans are used to carry food and perishable items for a certain amount of time, between destinations.
  • Flatbed: Our basic flatbed trailers are loaded with machinery and standard freight in a stable way, but do not come standard with protection from the elements.
  • Tanker: Used to carry liquids and non-traditional cargo, tankers are a specialized form of trailer.
  • Power Only Service: When our clients have a trailer but no way to move it, we recommend a power-only operator who can move the trailer anywhere the customer specifies.
  • Conestoga: Similar to a standard flatbed, the Conestoga offers an additional level of protection via a secure cover.
  • Pneumatic: Another form of specialized freight carrier, used mainly for dry bulk raw material.
  • Low-Boy: A trailer used for oversized freight that is wide set and sturdy, giving the cargo a few more feet of space for excessive height.
  • Multi Axle: A class of freight trailer used to carry loads that are exceedingly heavy. The trailer's extra axles give it additional ability to carry tough cargo.

A Worldwide Freight Network

If you're looking for a company to move large amounts of freight long distances for a price that will save your business money over the competitors, Total Car Shipping is the right place to start! Our network of trusted shipping partners extends to the ends of the earth, so that if you have a difficult freight job, chances are we'll help you find a way to get it done.

Contact the customer care specialists at Total Car Shipping today to see how we can help you carry out all your freight transport needs.