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Open Trailer Vs. Enclosed Trailer Hauling - Auto Transport

Total Car Shipping takes great pride in connecting our trusted clients with auto shipping solutions that work for them. To make sure your transport job goes as smoothly as possible, follow this checklist every time:

Vehicle Transport Insurance:

To guarantee best results for your auto shipping order, make sure that you have auto insurance for the vehicle being transported. While most companies insure their cargo fully, this may not include damage due to weather or incident while the vehicle is idle, so it is best to be completely prepared.

If you must leave personal belongings in the vehicle, please keep in mind that shipping companies will not accept responsibility for lost or damaged items, so they should kept in the trunk for safety.

Car Preparation for Transport

For your auto shipping order to run completely hassle-free, please follow these preparation steps:

  • Fill the gas tank exactly one-quarter full with gas.
  • Remove any detachable or inoperable parts of the vehicle that may raise the shipping costs.
  • Clean the inside of the vehicle to aid with regular inspections that accompany shipping.
  • Provide 2 sets of keys for the transport company's use.
  • Make sure anti-freeze and/or other fluids are full to prevent whether-related incidents.

Remain Reachable in Transit

If there is a schedule change, or the transport company needs to reach you for some reason, you don't want to be inaccessible. Give your shipper the best way(s) to reach you so that if a dialogue about your order has to be opened mid-shipment for any reason, you can navigate it without any snags.

Remember, auto shipping is happening in safe and secure methods each and every day, throughout the world. If you follow the checklist and make sure all your bases are covered, you are practically guaranteed to join these numbers without any hassle at all.