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Total Car Shipping - Transport to Canada

When it concerns purchasing a new automobile over international borders, or moving your possessions to another country, we understand how difficult and stressful the process can be for your family and yourself. Total Car Transport promises to help take the hassle out of moving automobiles to and from Canada, in a way that is reliable, on time and secure. Why trust anyone but the best when you schedule a shipment across the country's border?

Experts in International Shipping

While the U.S. and Canada are close geographically, there is still a border separating that necessitates the maneuvering of a lot of regulation on both sides. Luckily, Total Car Shipping and our professional logistics partners have the experience and the expertise needed to make sure our customers understand these delicate situations, and how we can navigate them.

Special permits and customs considerations may be needed for:

  • Buying and selling automobiles from one country to the other
  • Transfers concerning government programs
  • Immigration movement
  • Immigration moves
  • Temporary relocation for study or temporary visa
  • Gifts to cross-border relatives or friends
  • Crossing the border for maintenance on a vehicle

There are many reasons why a person or organization might need to transport a vehicle between the United States and Canada, and Total Car Shipping is prepared to educate our clients about the things they need to know and prepare for going in, as well as navigate difficult border situations.

For a quote, and additional information on how Total Car Transport can make shipments across international lines a hassle-free situation, contact us by phone or fill out our simple online quote form.