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Hauling a Boat

For many people, owning a boat can be the largest investment in a person's life. As such, transporting a boat can be very complicated, costly and nerve-wracking. Total Car Shipping prides ourselves in the careful attention to detail that it takes to transport a boat with minimal snags.

Considerations For Shipping a Boat

Many people may not realize what goes into boat shipping. A boat is generally more susceptible to heavy winds, and there are a number of parts on a boat that can be jeopardized by the conditions of transport. Because of this, hauling a boat comes with several important considerations:

  • Time:Unlike vehicle shipping, it is virtually impossible to haul a boat on and guarantee delivery by a certain time. If weather or wind is an issue on the day your boat is expected to be transported, the delivery may be delayed or even pushed back.

  • Security:In most cases, boat haulers do not accept responsibility for the security of your boat past a certain point, so it is crucial that you take steps in readying the boat to be hauled. This may include securing moving parts so that heavy winds and other harsh conditions don't damage your vessel.

  • Marina Availability and Preparedness:Since marina space is more limited then road space, be prepared for any delays in this area as well. Also make sure that the marina's crew has the ability to help ready your boat for transport.

Preparing a Boat for Transport

When you fill out a quote form or call Total Car Shipping for a convenient quote, you'll be prompted for more information than other services so that companies can be as accurate with price quoting as possible.

This includes measuring accurately. Measuring the total reach of the boat from all directions is key to determining the regulatory requirements in play in any given scenario. For example, if a boat is tall, wide or long enough to be classified as an oversize load, there are additional permits and different equipment that may be needed to transport your boat safely.

Call Total Car Shipping's team of expert customer service specialists for additional help in measuring and readying your boat for safe shipment.