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Total Car Shipping - Carriers To Alaska

Don't think that just because a few U.S. states are remote compared to the rest of the country, you can't get dependable, secure service to Alaska and Hawaii. Concerning Alaska, Total Car Shipping connects you with some of the industry's leaders in shipping long distance to Alaska without sacrificing peace of mind for our customers.

Two Way Service

Dependable transport to and from Alaska is a breeze with the complete care and top priority service you can get from Total Car Shipping. Why settle for any less than the best when you trust a company to haul your valuable freight long distances over international borders? Total Car Shipping connects you with the shippers that have been making freight shipments to and from Alaska in harsh conditions for years.

Say Goodbye to Uncertainty, Hello to Security

At Total Car Shipping, we understand that it may be tense knowing that some of the most valuable cargo in your possession is crossing international lines, in less-than-ideal weather and road conditions. We make it easy on you by using only the most trustworthy drivers that allow you to track your shipment as it makes it's way to the destination on time and as secure as possible.

For any additional questions you may have about this potentially delicate logistics scenario, call our specialized customer service professionals. Fill out Total Car Shipping's easy-to-use quote form for all the pricing information you need to get us working for you.