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Open Auto Transport Services

Our open auto transport service involves using an open-air car carrying trailer to transport several vehicles at once. This is typically the manner of choice by customers that are wary of their budget, but not always. Dealerships and businesses shipping larger quantities of vehicles to their buyers around the country tend to entrust their service to open transport shippers. This is due to open car carriers' capacity for more vehicles than enclosed shipping, meaning high volume dealers are saved considerable money in the long run by shipping this way.

Risks and Rewards of Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport methods are usually offered at a lower price, due to their lack of protection from elements like weather and road debris, however these risks are very low, especially when shipping companies are experienced.

Thousands of automobiles are moved through this method daily, and Total Car Shipping works with only the most knowledgeable and experienced transport companies to ensure that your cargo is protected. When it comes to risk mitigation, we understand that before you trust a shipping company, you may want a little extra information to let you know you can have that all-important peace of mind. When we connect you with a car shipping company, we provide references and additional information so that you can make an informed choice on where to trust your life's major investments.

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