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We’ve partnered with Movers.com to give you easy access to reliable moving companies. By filling out a quote form, you’ll receive FREE, no obligation moving estimates from local movers, long distance movers, international movers or moving companies that specialize in office relocation. Compare quotes to save money on your next relocation!

Local movers

A local move can consist of relocating a couple blocks or moving across the state. Any move up to 100 miles is considered a local move. Even though you aren’t moving as far, it doesn’t mean your belongings should be treated with a different level of professionalism. Movers.com has a network of licensed and insured moving companies that work hard to complete any job – big or small. These top-rated movers will do everything from packing and disassembling to safely delivering all your items to your new front door.

Long distance movers

While local moves are characterized by their short distance, long distance moves have a much broader definition. A long distance move is more than 100 miles or starts in one state and ends in another. Movers.com understands that long distance moves call for much more attention to detail. We enlist a wide range of top moving companies that specialize in cross country relocations, so you can compare multiple quotes and save on the best service.

International movers

Due to the many variables involved in international moves, they can take months, if not years, of planning and organization. We understand how serious an overseas relocation is, and we want to ensure your household possessions reach your new home undamaged and on time. Let the moving company handle the difficult paperwork – like custom regulations and the best type of insurance to purchase. Visit Movers.com to get free quotes from experienced international movers.

Office relocation

Corporate relocations are harder than residential moves and must be handled with immense care. Our moving companies can plan the move, so it doesn’t disturb productivity or workflow. The less organized your office move, the more time it will take, and the more money your company will lose. For a cost-effective option, fill out a free quote form at Movers.com to find trusted professionals to move your office.

Moving supplies

Once you hire a moving company that fits your budget, you’ll also need high-quality packing supplies as well as protective padding to keep your items safe. Visit PackingMaterials.com for moving kits, moving boxes, box bundles, packing materials, and other packing supplies. Not only does PackingMaterials.com offer low prices and the best rates compared to other websites, you’ll also receive free nationwide shipping in the continental US.

With over 20 years of experience and millions of satisfied customers, Movers.com has seen the moving industry go through fundamental changes. That’s how we created the perfect moving platform. You can easily and securely request multiple quotes from vetted moving service providers. Movers.com, for all your moving needs!