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Transportation To Hawaii

When we say we serve the entire country, we're not kidding! With several shipping methods available, Total Car Shipping is a leader in overseas transport and can certainly match you with a method that best fits your needs and your wallet.

We Clarify a Complex Process

Shipping cars and other freight from the continental United States to Hawaii and back is a bit more complicated than simply shipping on land between states. Permits to move items may be required, as well as receipts for certain cargo. These restrictions and regulations can add up to be a headache for customers moving to and from the Hawaiian islands.

Total Car Shipping promises to make this easier on you by clearly explaining what you'll need to provide to make the transport run as smoothly as possible. Our shipping partners have years of experience transporting between the mainland and the islands, and can navigate regulatory hurdles that might otherwise delay shipments and cause our customers additional, unnecessary trouble.

Multiple Hawaii Car Shipping Choices

Depending on the needs of our clients and the nature of the cargo, Total Car Shipping offers a few different methods of shipping to and from Hawaii, most commonly as follows:

  • Container Shipping: In this method, we load your vehicle into a large, secure container and load it onto a standard freight ship, where it is taken to the destination and unloaded. This method is slightly more labor-intensive, as it involves dock workers loading and unloading, but is highly secure

  • Roll On Roll Off (RORO): The RORO method involves driving your vehicle onto a large ship designed to hold high numbers of automobiles. For transport to Hawaii, this is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping because your vehicle can be driven off and away at its destination. The RORO also has a larger capacity for oversized vehicles.

Fill out a simple quote form for transport to and from Hawaii and Total Car Service will guide you through your options and get you a quote as quickly as possible.