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Enclosed Vehicle Transport - Total Car Shipping

If your vehicle necessitates a more secure trip, consider our enclosed shipping options. Typically chosen by collectors of exotic, classic and otherwise highly valuable cars, enclosed shipping guarantees that cargo will be protected from the elements and offers an additional layer of security for the customer.

Added Assurance for Our Customer

When you inquire about a quote for enclosed car shipping from one of Total Car Shipping's many reliable partners, the first thing you'll likely notice compared to open car transport is the difference in price. Enclosed transport can be close to two times the price of carrying cars on a relatively unprotected carrier.

When comparing open and enclosed transport method, the price is likely the reason why the former is so highly used by individuals and auto sellers looking to transport cars. If your car is of considerable value, however, this extra payment returns a level of security unmatched by any other shipping method.

High Quality Enclosed Service

When you opt for enclosed service with Total Car Shipping, we'll connect you with one of the industry leaders in this delicate service. Our dependable partners will secure your vehicle in the trailer, and even make sure the interior is protected throughout the journey, no matter the details of your order.

Contact Total Car Shipping for more information about our enclosed car transport and find out whether this secure option is right for you.